FacebookFacebook has over 500 million active users. 50% of which log in at least 1x a day. These users have over 900 million objects (such as pages, groups, events etc.) at their disposal and on average each user is connected to 80 objects. These are some figures one first has to let sink in.

An interesting study incl. Best Practics Guide by Econsultancy demonstrates how much the use of this impressive potential is still in its infancy.

Of the 2500 respondents only about 21% follow a brand page. Among the motivations to connect to a page the following are the most important: 70% are interested in special offers; 38% want to shop directly on Facebook; another 38% want to be kept up to date about events; and 29%, want to use it for feedback. Moreover, the brand followers tend to become active brand ambassadors given that 60% had recommended a brand page to their friends.

Interestingly Facebook launched a redesign of their pages that benefits especially brands/companies only a few days later. Aside from the fact that the general layout has been equalled to that of normal users, it now permits the page itself (and not just the administrator) to act as a user and leave comments (if so desired these can be tailored to only appear in a particular region and/or language), invite friends etc. Additionally, more and more brands rely on apps, such as a store locator, Facebook e-store and more to create additional value.

Many big companies (albeit in most cases rather recently) discovered the potential of Facebook and begun to mine it. But, in my opinion, Facebook also offers great opportunities to small business and start-ups – opportunities one shouldn’t pass on.

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