Ikea LogoThe first example is a Facebook campaign Ikea did in 2009 to accompany the inauguration of their new store in Malmö. The main goals were to generate interaction with their target clientele as well as a viral effect.

The campaign consisted of the Store Manager creating a profile and uploading 12 showroom pictures. The first Facebook user to tag an object on one of these pics would subsequently win it. The trick was that in order to be able to tag a user first had to “like” the page, which, as did the act of tagging itself, invariably appeared in the user’s newsfeed/wall, thus informing all of his/her friends of the campaign. The media echo not only on Facebook and the web, but also in media world-wide was tremendous.

Apparently it is no longer possible to repeat this type of action/campaign. Nonetheless, it still is a reference for a successful, viral Facebook campaign.

Healthy Choice LogoThe second campaign is still fairly recent. Healthy Choice is an American manufacturer of healthy, frozen foods. Before the campaign they had a respectable fanbase of almost 7.000 users on Facebook. The main goals of their campaign were the announcement of a new product line as well as the promotion of a progressive coupon to reward their current fans and, of course, win new ones.

The coupon worked the following way: altogether 50.000 coupons were to be distributed. Depending on how many users would sign up it would progress from a $0,75 to $1,50 to a Buy-1-Get-1. Furthermore, the deal was supported by a Facebook-Ads and PR campaign.

The return was impressive. In the course of a few weeks Healthy Choice’s fanbase grew from just under 7.000 to almost 60.000. The Facebook-Ads had over 11 Million impressions. Also remarkable is that 60% of the new fans subscribed to Healthy Choice’s newsletter.

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